July 8, 2023

All are welcome to enter for free, to view some of the finest watercraft ever designed, built and/or restored. The show is primarily volunteer driven by ACBS members. It takes effort from a team comprised from a pool of over 100 volunteers. These individuals work very hard to ensure the show is a success.

Typically there are over 100 boat exhibitors, some are land display but most of the exhibited boats are in the water. The range of craft is vast: from slow to fast, birch bark to cedar strip to cypress to mahogany (and everything in between), to fibreglass, from large to small. Thousands venture to this show each July, so come early and beat the crowds. Scattered throughout the show site you’ll find vintage and classic boats for sale, a flea market, local vendors, food trucks, hot-dog stands, chip trucks, lemonade stands, a Fashion Show. There is something for everyone.

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